Nice Parts Since 1989

From our humble beginnings in Paul’s garage in 1989 to the renovated 1926 ex-Texaco petroleum distribution facility where we are now, we have always kept this in mind: make the nicest parts we can with simple innovations that truly bring a higher level of function and easy serviceability.

We often get comments on the PAUL look of the parts and our aesthetics, but more often than not the function is what drives the ultimate shape of the part. For over 25 years these ideals have worked for us, and ultimately you. We promise we’ll never stray.

A History of Innovation

Paul still has that passion for bikes he had as child and rides almost every day, selecting from a fleet of bikes. Besides just plain loving it, riding helps immensely with inventing new parts and applying additional innovation to existing ones. As a company, we’ve always sought to add to the experience of either riding it or wrenching on it. Never a “me too” brand, we’ve taken our own path with design, always trying new things and always wondering on long rides how to make things better.

Stoplight Brakes, 1992
Klamper Disc Brake, 2015

Paul then and now

Early on Paul was smitten with this machine: the bicycle. Always off riding, from the vacant lot down the street to jumping garbage cans in the cul-de-sac where he grew up. Then onto wrenching in shops for 10 years as he went through high school and college, where he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree. Back then he could only dream of the machinery necessary to actually make these new much needed parts,  but fortunately he now has a full prototype and production shops where new parts are built from scratch by the small but dedicated PAUL crew. Between the riding and the shop he has built, he’s living his childhood dream. Lucky!

Chico, California

Chico, CA is graced with Bidwell Park: a gnarly technical canyon at the base of the Sierras, strewn with river rock and lava flow and oak tree roots. This is where many a part has been invented, and many a part thrashed to the edge of function and beyond. It’s not a forgiving place. Locals jargon dictates “If you can ride Bidwell, you can ride anywhere”. Chico is also home to Sierra Nevada Brewing, makers of some damn fine beer if we say so ourselves. It’s a great place to live, innovate, and enjoy life.

Middle Trail, Upper Bidwell Park, Chico, CA
Celebrating at the office BBQ pit

It’s not easy to do things differently. It requires a hefty amount of love and support, and in the end the results are something to be proud of. We never stop innovating or improving on our processes and parts. We do this because it’s who we are. We do this because we can.

Nice parts lovingly handmade
in Chico, California

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